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Meet the Team: Gayle Swift  

Gayle SwiftMore than fifteen years of experience and diversity gives EduCARE Partners the expertise to create educational programs, support change processes and build healthy work cultures. We are available to our health care organization as well as our business community providing educational services in health related programs, environmental ecology, stress management programs, work place culture development and team building.

Gayle Swift, RN, MSN, CNS, HNC, founder of EduCARE, is an educator, facilitator, key note speaker, and author. Through her visionary insights she leads individuals and collectives to achieve their optimal potential. Her thirty-three years of experience include, intensive care nursing, home care including the development of a home based hospice program, management, hospital consulting, and adjunct faculty at Dominican University in the MSN in Integral Health.

It is our Vision that together we can be the creative force that transforms disease care into health care that is integrated, holistic, relationship centered and founded on the ideals that support health, well being and peace within self, our relationships, and within our communities. Together we can build a future for generations to come.

It is our MISSION to provide resources, consulting and educational programs that support best clinical practice, caring-creative work place cultures, critical thinking and leadership. It is our intention to help you to be centers of clinical excellence. Through a collaborative network of health care professionals, therapist, clinical nurse specialists, and physicians, we offer educational programs, support for management retreats, action plan development, work place development.

We believe that our work restores the soul back into the work place culture, creating collaborative teams of individuals who can:

  • perform higher-order problem-solving and critical thinking
  • communicate effectively
  • engage in healthy working relationships
  • identify areas for change
  • develop and implement nursing interventions that promote the best clinical outcomes in a cost appropriate manner

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