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Certificate Program in Integral Healing Arts  


EduCARE Partners in collaboration with Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa presents a certificate program that focuses on the integration of western and complementary healing modalities.

Nursing is a dynamic profession founded upon caring values and holistic principles that support wholeness in each person; body, mind and soul. Time constraints often leave the nurse primarily focused on clinical tasks with little time for ‘caring’ for patients. Without the time to ‘care’ for both ourselves and our patients, we leave ourselves open for burn-out and the syndrome known as compassion fatigue. Through an integrative skill set of compassionate presence, touch, and therapeutic communication you will learn the art of healing to relieve suffering which can alter an individual’s response to disease and lead to a more satisfying relationship between nurse and patient.

Through an experiential learning process in self care, you will deepen your skills in the art of healing, enhance your understanding of current bioenergetic therapies, relaxation techniques, the use of essential oils, Bach Flowers, and imagery. The intent is to support you to become a competent Integral Practitioner who optimizes patient contacts while promoting comfort and relieving suffering.

This 100 hour course includes 12 six hour classes (72 hrs), 28 hours of individual practice and 3 written case studies. All classes will be 9am-4pm, with an hour break for lunch on your own.


Integrative Care Certification Program SUMMER 2013


This Certificate is founded upon the importance of cultivating self care practices that reduce stress to support health and well being. This will become the foundation for providing an integrative approach to caring for your patients and their families.

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